In 2011 SALMAN KHAN "Body Guard" RS. 62 Crore

| Monday, November 8, 2010 | 1 comments |

Why should the ‘Dabangg’ Khan achieve with article routine, the blowing Khan Salman Khan whose affection is bigger than his biceps was consistently the allocution of the boondocks but the ‘Dabangg’ success has accepted his animation as the hero of the masses, the one man army who has now become the allocution of the industry? 

Salman’s allowance to his admirers during Eid in 2011 is captivated in 62 crores.. his abutting absolution will be Anees Bazmee's Ready that is accepted in April 2011. 

The blur is accepted to go on the floors on January 16, and is accepted to absolution on Eid (a Salman
speciality) on August 29, 2011. Anil Ambani's aggregation has reportedly paid Rs 62 crores for the rights of this film. Says a abutting duke , "Since Salman hit a amethyst application with Dabangg, his movies are alluring huge prices." 

Bodyguard will accept Kareena adverse Salman.