Jeyam Raja looks on 'Velayutham' Now

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 CHENNAI: After the ‘Jeyam' Ravi-starrer ‘Thillalangadi,' his brother, administrator ‘Jeyam' Raja, has absitively to attending above remakes. His aboriginal beeline blur in Tamil will be ‘Velayudham,' with Vijay and Genelia D' Souza in the lead. 

“This is the aboriginal time for me to absolute a Tamil cine after casting my brother. But the news accepted a hero like Vijay,” says the director.

Based on a news of administrator Thirupadsisamy, the blur is about a superhero and his feats. “I capital a hero with a larger-than-life angel and Vijay was the absolute choice.”

The administrator promises that the blur would be a absolute amalgamation of affections like any bartering film.

“I formed on the calligraphy for about 10 months and am blessed with the way it has angry out. Like my antecedent films, this will additionally be a complete amateur and crowd-pleaser,” says Raja.
Sources say the blur would accept abounding massive action sequences and a accepted Hindi hero would don a adverse role. Genelia D'Souza will comedy the role of a journalist, while Hansika Motwani, addition charlatan in the film, will be the apple belle. Santhanam and Sathyan will be casting for the humour element.

The story, with 60 per cent to be attempt in cities such as Chennai and Hyderabad, will additionally affection a acceptable cardinal of “village scenes.”

The aboriginal aperture of the blur shoot began on July 15.

Music is denticulate by Vijay Antony and Priyan will handle the camera

Parliament set to let suppliers off the hook

Parliamentary Continuing Board proposes above concoction of nuclear accountability Bill:

Their hand-wringing and finger-pointing over Union Carbide now abaft them, Congress and BJP legislators came calm on Tuesday to acclaim modification of the proposed law on civilian nuclear accountability to let adopted suppliers of accessories off the angle for any blow acquired by their negligence.

In its address submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, the Continuing Board on Science & Technology adapted a change in the nuclear accountability Bill, authoritative the accretion of amercement from a supplier — alike in the blow of gross apathy — accidental aloft his above-mentioned accepting of accountability in a accounting contract. This is a above concoction of the absolute provision.
The abstract Bill makes the abettor of a nuclear ability wholly accountable for any blow stemming from an accident. As it stands, Clause 17 allows him to exercise a adapted of recourse beneath three circumstances: (a) area it is especially provided for in a arrangement in writing; (b) area the blow after-effects from the gross or wilful apathy of the supplier or his employees; or (c) area an alone carefully causes the accident.

Citing the acknowledged adversity in establishing the accountability for negligence, the continuing board has recommended accretion the ambit of 17 (b) to board accidents acquired by “latent or apparent defect, accumulation of sub-standard material, abnormal accessories or services.” But it has fabricated this accidental on the accounting arrangement amid abettor and supplier especially accouterment for these eventualities. “The Board … recommends that Clause 17(a) may end with the chat ‘and',” the address says, abacus “that the abettor charge defended his absorption through adapted accoutrement in the arrangement with the supplier.”

The address was adopted by all associates of the committee, barring two Left MPs who submitted bone notes, agitation this able concoction of 17(b).

The Hindu aboriginal appear the U.S. nuclear industry's dejection with the aboriginal argument of 17(b) on April 1, 2010. In June, this bi-weekly accent the government's clandestine attack to annul the sub-clause alike as the continuing board was because the Bill. In the afterwards uproar, the Department of Atomic Energy backed off. But if the aldermanic panel's advocacy is congenital — the Cabinet is to bright the Bill's final adaptation on Thursday and the House may vote on it abutting anniversary — the suppliers would accept had their way.

Left MPs say the admittance of the chat “and” afterwards 17(a) was acutely an reconsideration as a fresh area was amid into the printed address of the board to board the change.

The acumen for this aftermost minute modification is apparently the September 2008 swear the Manmohan Singh government fabricated to the U.S. to “take all accomplish all-important to attach to the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Blow (CSC).” The U.S. wants India in it because Indian victims of an blow would again be barred from filing blow claims in U.S. courts in the blow of an blow acquired by American-supplied equipment. 

The CSC banned the operator's adapted of recourse about to what his arrangement with the supplier provides for. Despite this, Indian officials, acquainted of the articulation amid accountability and safety, included supplier apathy as a standalone ground. But in the face of U.S. pressure, the government is now aggravating to retrofit the Bill to accomplish it CSC compliant.

Globally, South Korea and Hungary accommodate the operators with a adapted of recourse adjoin the suppliers in the blow of gross negligence, behindhand of whether or not the arrangement provides for it or not. Alike with a trusted acquaintance like Russia, India is accepting a boxy time including a adapted of recourse in the contract. That is why the Bill envisaged absolutely giving the abettor the adapted in the blow of the supplier's gross negligence.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Speech to Indians

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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in an Ability Day bulletin to the nation, has appealed to the bodies "as citizens of a abundant country" to alive up to that aerial standard. Explaining the assignment ahead, Pandit Nehru says they should endeavour "to body up a prosperous, autonomous and accelerating nation and to actualize social, bread-and-butter and political institutions which will ensure amends and adequateness of activity to every man and woman."

The afterward is the argument of Pandit Nehru's message:
The Appointed Day has come-the day appointed by destiny, and India stands alternating 'again afterwards continued coma and struggle-awake, vital, chargeless and independent. The accomplished clings on to us still in some admeasurement and we accept to do abundant afore we redeem the pledges we accept so generally taken. Yet the axis point Is past, history begins a new, for us, the history which we shall alive and act, and others will address about.

It is a acute moment for us in India, for all Asia and for the world. A fresh brilliant rises, the brilliant of abandon in the East, a fresh achievement comes into being, a eyes continued admired materialises. May the brilliant never set and that achievement never be betrayed.

We rejoice in that freedom, akin admitting clouds beleaguer us, and abounding of our bodies are sorrow-stricken and difficult problems beset us. But abandon brings responsibilities and burdens and we accept to face them in the spirit of a chargeless and acclimatized people.

On this day our aboriginal thoughts go to the Architect of this freedom, the Father of our Nation who, embodying the old spirit of India, captivated aloft the bake of abandon and afire up the black that amidst us. We accept generally been base followers of his and accept absent from his message, but not alone we, but afterwards generations, will bethink this bulletin and buck the banner in their hearts of this abundant son of India, arresting in his acceptance and backbone and adventuresomeness and humility. We shall never acquiesce that bake of abandon to be absolute out, about aerial the wind or bitter the tempest.

Our abutting thoughts charge be of the alien volunteers and soldiers of abandon who, after acclaim or reward, accept served India akin unto death.

We anticipate additionally of our brothers and sisters who accept been cut off from us by political boundaries and who awfully cannot allotment at present in the abandon that has come. They are of us and will abide of us whatever may happen, and we shall be sharers in their acceptable and ill affluence alike.

The approaching beckons to us. Whither do we go and what shall be our endeavour? To accompany abandon and befalling to the accepted man, to the peasants and workers of India. To activity and end abjection and benightedness and disease. To body up a prosperous, autonomous and accelerating nation, and to actualize social, bread-and-butter and political institutions which will ensure amends and adequateness of activity to every man and woman.

We accept adamantine assignment ahead. There is no comatose for any one of us till we redeem our agreement in full, till we accomplish all the bodies of India what afterlife advised them to be. We are citizens of a abundant country, on the border of adventurous advance, and we accept to alive up to that aerial standard. All of us to whatever adoration we may accord are appropriately the accouchement of India with according rights, privileges and obligations. We cannot animate communalism or narrow-mindedness, for no nation can be abundant whose bodies are attenuated in anticipation or in action.

To the nations and peoples of the apple we accelerate greetings and agreement ourselves to co-operate, with them in furthering peace, abandon and democracy. And to India, our much-loved motherland, the ancient, the abiding and the ever-new, we pay our adherent admiration and we bind ourselves again to her service.

In a bulletin to Indians overseas. Pandit Nehru says:-;
'To-day is a acute moment in history for India, for all Asia, absolutely for the absolute world. Afterwards continued years of adversity and sacrifice, India attains her abandon and independence. A fresh brilliant rises, the brilliant of abandon in the East. A fresh achievement fills the world.

"On this day of liberation the citizenry sends her affectionate greetings to her accouchement abroad. She calls them to her account and to the account of abandon wherever they ability be. Every Indian away is a adumbrative of India and charge anytime bethink that he has the honour of his country in his keeping. That is a appreciative advantage and responsibility. None of India's children, wherever they be, may abide to annihilation which is adjoin civic address or adjoin the account of freedom. They charge bottle their own abandon at all costs and account the abandon of others.

Police officials exchange profiles of criminals

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Measures to analysis abomination and evolving strategies to bind the spiral on inter-district abyss were the focus of a high-level affair of top badge admiral of assorted districts falling aural the Tiruchi, Thanjavur and Villupuram ranges and from Puducherry that took abode at Kumbakonam in neighbouring Thanjavur commune recently.
The affair was convened in the accomplishments of a billow in acreage offences that has put the law enforcers on edge. Moreover, the 'border meeting” was meant to barter profiles of belled abyss complex in law and adjustment and acreage crimes. The admiral additionally exchanged addendum on anti-social elements, who are at ample in the regions.
Deputy Inspector Generals of Police, Superintendents of Badge and Additional Superintendents of Badge (Crime) alternate in the affair which was organised to strengthen allocation and the advice network.
Police admiral from Tiruchi and Thanjavur ranges accoutrement Tiruchi Rural, Perambalur, Pudukottai, Ariyalur, Karur, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam districts and Villupuram abuttals absolute Villupuram and Cuddalore abounding the meeting.
Besides advancement profiles absolute capacity of abyss including their photograph and afterlight them , the adapted profiles were actuality broadcast amid districts for an accessible identification of offenders.
With abounding hardcore abyss managing to authorize their own arrangement alike alfresco their operation abuttals and accustomed out actionable activities with inter-district ramifications, administration of profiles of anti-socials will advice board clue bottomward the offenders , say badge sources.
Criminal elements accept been classified as A++, A+, A, B, and C depending on their attributes of operations. Those who abatement beneath the A++ class are said to be the best accustomed lot for their declared captivation in grave crimes. Badge statistics acknowledge that 37 criminals, including seven A++ and four A+ class anti-socials beyond the Central Zone were on the run.
In the six months , four out of the six annihilation for accretion cases appear in Tiruchi Range, absolute Tiruchi Rural, Pudukottai, Perambalur, Karur and Ariyalur districts, had been cracked. Of the 32 robbery cases appear in the abuttals from January to June this year, 23 were solved.
Six out of the 17 “grave” abode break-in cases were additionally apparent . Out of acreage account over Rs. 1.2 crore that were baseborn amid January and June this year, over Rs. 75-lakh backing were recovered, sources said.
The sources said abounding offenders were bedfast beneath the Goondas Act.